My pedal bearings feel tight. Is there any way to adjust this?

Yes! Loosen the T25 bolt at the end of the pedal axle and using your fingers, rotate the SpinControl knob. This will adjust the bearing tension. Tighten it back up when you are done. Igus bearings will also break in after a bit of riding, so they will naturally loosen up after your first few rides.

You can also check out our video instructions below

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What's the difference between the Gen1 and Gen2 LG1+ pedals?

Well, we wanted to tweak things a bit, so we did:

  • Less seal drag thanks to improved seals. Turns out we all like to ride flat pedals more often than just on the DH bike, so we are using some new seals that cut down on pedal drag when the Spin Control knob is backed off.
  • Smaller diameter pins for better grip and a bit of weight savings. Be sure to order the appropriate replacement pins to match your pedals.

            Gen1 pedals use a 5mm thread
            Gen2 pedals use a 4mm thread

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Do you really ever run the 7mm pins?

Yes. Our DH PROs run them regularly.

You will stick to your pedals like glue - so will your shins. (Shin protection is highly recommended.)

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