Infrequently Asked Questions

What does TRS stand for?

TRS stands for "TRail Security".

In the early days of e.thirteen, "security" was used as the brand name for chainguides, as in securing your chain to your bike.


When we branched out from DH into products aimed at trail bikes, Trail Security was shortened into a three-letter pseudo-acronym, TRS.

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What does LG1 stand for?

LG1 stands for "Light Guide 1", and was the name for e*thirteen's first direct mount bashguard chainguide, launched in 2006.

In fact when the LG1 launched, it didn't have a bashguard at all, it offered super-light chain retention without impact protection. The bashguard, or taco was added the following year. 

The guide was a lightweight descendant of the original SRS guide, and little known fact, the taco bashguard you could add on was actually machined out of a Supercharger bashguard.




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