How to service XCX, TRS and LG1 freehub bodies




  • karl tate

    so where is the dumond oil used??

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  • Charlie

    Hi Karl,
    The Dumond is used to lubricate the freehub. We have also started using Mobil XHP-222 grease as a heavier lube for the pawls. I have updated the instructions to reflect this.

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  • Roger Nichols

    How do I interpret the following:  "If you don't have Mobil XHP-222 grease, do not substitute any other grease. Suitable substitutes are Dumond Tech Freehub Oil, Phil Wood Tenacious Oil, 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil." ?

    First sentence says: "don't substitute anything" (which all free hub makers say--I have a special grease that is "ONLY" for DT Swiss on my other bikes. Here is another example. Except you also make four alternate suggestions (including 30W motor oil? Really?).  What am I missing? 

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  • Chris Costello


    You are correct. That wording is confusing. We will update it right now. 


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