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Here's the process to sign up for a wholesale account through our B2B System:

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  2. Send an e-mail to to let us know you applied
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Note: If you are in California, we will need a reseller's certificate from you, please include with your email


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e*thirteen USA MAP Policy


2024 MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)  POLICY

  1. Only those dealers adhering to the current MAP policy will be authorized to use e*thirteen trademarks, copyrighted text, and images (product or otherwise) in their advertisements.
  2. For the purpose of this policy, “advertisement” means an announcement in one or more forms of media, including but not limited to print, coupon, public signage, internet/websites (or similar electronic media), and email, for the purpose of promoting the sales or solicitation of sales for e*thirteen products.
  3. e*thirteen products may not be sold using “price matching”, “call for price”, “make an offer”, or “package deal” sales strategies, which result in a discounted price below the MAP.
  4. For the purpose of online sales, the entire web page used to complete the sale, including the shopping cart, will be considered part of the advertisement (no “add to cart for price” sales).
  5. e*thirteen products may be sold on auction sites for a “Buy It Now” price, so long as the price listed conforms to the MAP policy and the dealer’s contact information is clearly listed in the auction.
  6. All dealers conforming to the terms of this policy shall be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use all e*thirteen trademarks, copyrights, and images (product or otherwise) in their advertisements.
  7. This policy has been unilaterally adopted and implemented by e*thirteen. e*thirteen personnel or distributors are not authorized to vary its terms. e*thirteen will determine whether a dealer is in violation of this policy and will enforce its terms as we believe appropriate. e*thirteen retains the right to cease selling to a dealer or distributor at any time, for any reason, and may do so if a dealer violates this or any of our other policies. e*thirteen will not accept complaints from a third party regarding policy violations.
  8. e*thirteen does not seek and will not accept any agreement with any dealer regarding their pricing or adherence to this policy. All dealers are free to determine their own retail prices and margins; however, e*thirteen will enforce this advertising policy.
  9. Closeout or non-current model year products need not conform to this policy; however, “closeout” or the non-current model year (i.e. “2019”) must be listed in close proximity to the product in the advertisement. 

For questions or more information regarding e*thirteen’s MAP Policy, please reach out to

The policy is effective starting Nov. 1, 2023.


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