Where can I find my Product Date Code?

Product date code: an alpha-numeric code found on your product that indicates the year and week in which your product was made.

In addition to a date code, many products will have a version code and/or serial number.

Just send us everything you see, or better yet, take a picture of the appropriate area and send that too!

Location on product:

  • Carbon Rims - Label under the rim tape : 2 codes, mixed letters and numbers, 11 and 13 digits long
  • Aluminum Rims - Laser etched under the rim tape
  • Cassette - Laser etched on the faces of each steel/alloy section at the location where they interface
  • Cranks - Laser etch or decal on the inward facing surface of each crankarm near the pedal hole
  • Hubs - on flanges
  • Wheels - indicate the date code for the damaged part (IE Hub or Rim, for spokes give the hub code)
  • Seatpost - below max height line on lower tube
  • Chainguide - on the backplate


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