Do you offer a Microspline™️ driver for your wheels?

We will have a Microspline™️ driver available for our wheels around January 2020. The driver will be backwards compatible with all e*thirteen rear hubs on the market. 

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My 2019/2020 rear hub (alloy axle version) has a small amount of side to side freeplay when off the bike, is that normal?

The 148mm boost 2020 rear hubs utilize our new axle system. The non-driveside endcap is captured on the system with threads which are bypassed and intended to simply prevent the axle assembly from coming appart by itself when off the bike or removing a cassette - a trait that plagues some other hub manufactures. The captured endcap system is a nifty feature that keeps everything together. A small amount (approx 2-3 mm ) of side-to-side play is present when the wheel is off the bike but should not be present once the wheel is installed on the bike and the rear thru-axle tightened down. 

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How strong are your carbon rims? What happens if I break one?

Our carbon rims are World Cup DH proven under Aaron Gwin and have among the best impact strength of any carbon rims we have tested. Because of this we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all e*thirteen carbon rims. For specific details on how the warranty works please reference our carbon rim warranty page here.

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What's up with your integrated 7sp cassette?

The 7sp cassette isn't a standalone product, but rather part of a hub and cassette system. You must run the cassette with the matching hub and vise versa. The hub uses wider flange spacing to utilize the added space provided by the smaller cassette. This builds a stronger wheel with a wider spoke base.

The cassette can be replaced as it wears.

Tooth counts on the cassette are: 9-10-12-14-16-18-21

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Can I run tire inserts with my e*thirteen wheels?

Flat Tire Defender / Cushcore / Huck Norris / Others

Tire inserts are a popular way to allow riders to run lower pressure in their tires. Lower pressure can improve ride quality and traction under many circumstances.

While a tire insert may reduce direct impacts to the rim, it is still possible to experience rim failure due to excessively low tire pressure or extreme impacts. So while rim inserts may help protect your rim, they can't prevent rim failure entirely.

e*thirteen has not evaluated the effectiveness of any particular rim inserts. Our advice is to set your tire pressure appropriately for your weight, riding style, and conditions. Adequate tire pressure is the best way to prevent rim damage, inserts or not!

Running a foam-type insert, or not, will not affect your wheel warranty.


We do not recommend the use of Procore with any of our rims. Procore pressures often exceed the maximum recommend tire pressures for our rims and put stress on the rims in ways they were not designed for. As such using Procore will void your warranty.

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Are your hubs easily serviceable?

Absolutely. Check out our in depth how to guides or visit your local dealer.

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Are your wheels tubeless compatible?

All our wheels feature our TLS tubeless bead technology for easy and secure tubeless set-up, and come with tubeless tape installed and valves in the box.

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What are your hub shells made from?

Our race hubs use a rigid carbon fiber tube bonded to big, sweet EXA+ aluminum flanges.

Our plus level hubs stick to the basics with one piece machined EXA+ aluminum flanges and center tube.

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I'm currently running a 142x12 rear hub, I'm getting a new frame that uses the boost 148 rear end, it's there any way I can adapt your wheels to suit?

It is not possible to convert a non-boost rear hub to boost. Even though it is only 6mm difference, the hub shell is wider on the boost hub. Another new standard wasn't our idea but 142 and 148 are different enough that a different hub is needed in the rear.

We do have conversion kits to space our front hubs from 100x15 to 110x15.

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What are your recommended spoke tensions?

We recommend 110-130kgf on all wheels.

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e*thirteen wheel spoke lengths

Please note, spoke lengths are for e*thirteen complete wheels only. If you are building custom wheels, your wheel builder will need to calculate spoke lengths for your specific wheels.

*We strongly recommend using nipple washers with all wheelbuilds and/or spoke nipple replacements.

*Recommended spoke tension on all wheels: 110-130kgf.

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What axle configurations are possible with my TRS wheels?

TRS+ and TRSr rear hubs come stock set up for a 142x12 through axle, but with a quick endcap swap can fit 135 x 12mm or QR axles.

Front hubs can be set up for either 15 or 20mm thru axles with the included endcaps. QR front endcaps are also available separately.

Boost hub spacing requires a wider hub shell and a boost specific hub.

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What tool do I use to get my freehub seal off?

We recommend this: Park SPA-2 Pin Spanner

Park SPA-2 Pin Spanner

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What axle configurations are possible with my LG1 wheels?

LG1+ and LG1r rear hubs come standard as a 150 x 12mm through axle, but they will also work with 157 x 12mm rear ends with a swap of the included endcaps.

Front hubs are set up stock for 20mm through axles, with 15mm and QR endcaps available.

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What freehub lubrication should I use?

We recommend, and use Redline Superlight ShockProof gear oil. Other lightweight gear type oils will work as well (Dumond tech freehub oil is a good one), but avoid teflon based lubricants, and please don't use grease!

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Why are your hubs so loud?

That is the sound of our quality 660 freehub mechanism. Six degrees / 60 points of engagement. It also serves to scare off prowling cougars. This is useful in town and in the hills.

If this loudness really bothers you, we recommend pedaling or going so fast downhill all you can hear is the wind.

Alternatively, a healthly application of Redline Gear Oil will knock a couple dB out of your hub and keep your freehub ratchet working great.

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Are your wheels 9, 10 and/or 11 spd compatible?

All of our wheels come with a 9/10sp freehub body installed. TRS wheels also come with a XD driver in the box in case you want to go to 11.

LG1 wheels will accept an XD driver just like the TRS wheels.

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